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Closing the Gap
improves knowledge and behaviors of minority women and men concerning health issues impacting maternal/infant mortality and morbidity.

Direct On-Scene Education (D.O.S.E.)
is a cutting edge approach to saving babies. Fire Rescue first responders and Child Protection Investigators trained in D.O.S.E. identify unsafe infant sleep conditions when in the home to educate parents/caregivers, and provide safe cribs.

Educational Services
offers professional workshops geared toward healthcare professionals and families seeking both continuing education and enrichment.

Emergency Basic Needs Assistance
provides emergency financial services in a one-stop process that helps individuals and families in crisis to meet their basic needs and receive navigation to other resources for long term stability.

Fatherhood Mentorship Program
provides individual and group education to help men develop the skills needed to become and remain   active in their children’s lives.

Forget Me Not
provides bereavement support to families who have experienced the loss of a baby.

Healthy Families
provides education and case management to pregnant or parenting families living in targeted zip codes to prevent abuse and neglect.

Healthy Food for Healthy Mothers & Babies
provides nutrition education and guidance on healthy food choices to low income, at-risk pregnant women, parents and families.

The Mahogany Project
targets pregnant, high-risk women in the 33311 zip code by providing intensive case management services.

MOMS (Mothers Overcoming Maternal Stress)
provides counseling and case management services to women who are suffering from Maternal Depression.

Download Emergency Basic Needs Application Here

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County seeks to provide emergency financial services in a one-stop process that helps individuals and families in crisis to meet their emergency and receive navigation to other resources for longer term stability. Requests will be accepted and provided short-term assistance at least one time, but up to three times, if deemed necessary, in a 12 month period. Services include:

Intake and Assessment:

Basic Needs Crisis Funds Distribution: including grocery gift cards/grocery bags; funds for rent or utilities to avoid interruption of services; bus passes to medical or social service appointments, employment, school, when no other means of transportation is available.

Navigation and Follow-up: The Basic Needs Navigator will provide direct linkage and/referrals to other needed services for any client who does not have an ongoing case manager.

The following criteria must be met to be considered for financial assistance to meet emergent needs.

  1. Participant(s) MUST reside in Broward County. Proof (i.e. utility bill in participant’s name, phone bill and rental leasing etc.) of residency must be submitted with the application.
  2. Participant(s) are low income at or below 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. Participant MUST show PROOF of Household Income (i.e. copy of WIC, Medicaid, unemployment check stubs, employment or charity care card)
  3. Participant(s) can demonstrate an emergency need in the scope of service. Participant must provide statement of reasons for assistance.
  4. Participant(s) are an individual (with or without children) or family with children 0-18 years old or up to 21years old, if still in school.
  5. Participant(s) are not receiving financial services from another organization

Efforts will be made to meet the emergent need within 48 hours of receiving the application with appropriate documentation. A grocery gift card/grocery bag will be provided. When gift card are not appropriate, checks will be made out to the vendor for one-time basic needs.

Due to limitations of funds, applications will be considered case by case. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

MOMS Maternal/Child Nurturing Program
Are you feeling restless, irritable, sad and crying a lot without any apparent reason? Then maybe The Maternal/Child Nurturing Program is what you need. We can provide

  • Psychosocial Counseling
  • Teach parenting skills
  • Case Management

Those Services are for the pregnant woman or mothers with children 0 to 1 year old who are experiencing any symptoms of Maternal Depression. The services are voluntary and confidential. We have three Counselors who do home-visits and are available 24/7 for any crisis support.

Client Story

Hello my name is Carmen. I would like to share with you what Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies brought to my life when I got to the program. They become the hope and support for me and my daughter and the help to be adjusted to this American society because of not knowing the language was already hard for me to do it.

I was a single mom when I was pregnant with my daughter. I did not know what to do, where to go for medical care. I had thousands of questions and doubts that made feel scare. The support from this agency was not only during my pregnancy but after it as well, especially during that period of time that many women go through and that almost none would like to admit it and is that depressive stage.

You are by yourself raising a child, without the financial or emotional support from your partner. The moral and psychological support that I got from all the staff that visited me was fantastic. I already overcome my Depression. I am so grateful for everything you did for me even without knowing me or my status or my condition. I tell people about this agency, about going to them for guidance and if there is not one open door at least they will show you a window of hope.

Now I live with my partner and my two children, I am happy because my partner and I are together and supporting each other. Thank you again and God bless you all because your work makes a big difference to people like me.

Forget Me Not / Healing Your Heart
forgetmenotThe Forget Me Not® program began in 1996 as a means of recognizing the babies of Broward County who had passed away before their 1st birthday. Sadly, more than 300 babies die in Broward County each year. It may be complications of birth/prematurity, SIDS/SUID, unsafe sleep environments, unforeseen accidents – the list is endless. Through Forget Me Not, HMHB of Broward is able to aid families during this tragic time in their lives and help them to recover.

All families, regardless of income, can call (954) 765-0550, to receive emotional support through our private peer bereavement support and/or the Healing Your Heart support group.

Both opportunities for bereavement guidance are offered by trained specialists who understand the inexpressible and overwhelming sadness felt during a time of loss. One-on-one peer support is offered via telephone or in person to any mother or father who needs help in the weeks and months following the death of their baby.

Bereaved families are also encouraged to join Healing Your Heart on the second Thursday of each month to be in company of others who are feeling the pain and sadness as well. During such a tragic time, it’s good to know you’re not alone and HMHB of Broward is there to help.

Fatherhood Mentorship Program
Provides individual and group education to help men develop the skills needed to become and remain active in their children’s life. The program includes case management, group sessions, community activities, and resource referrals.

Since inception in 2010:

  • 105 have graduated from 12 weekly educational group sessions.
  • 58 fathers successfully completed Phase II (24 weeks).
  • 100% of the fathers who started Phase II actively spend time with their children.