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HMHB Teen Parent Program
has continued success since 2002 and has helped hundreds of teens and their babies each year. If you are interested in being a part of our program please contact us to begin enhancing and improving your life as you begin the journey of motherhood.

What is the Teen Parent Program?
HMHB Teen Parent Program offers FREE in-home case management services to at-risk teenage pregnant and parenting teens up to their baby’s second birthday. This program aims to prevent subsequent pregnancies, promote continued education, as well as teach life and parenting skills to improve the quality of life for their family.

Thanks to our funding partner, Children’s Services Council, Case Managers conduct one-on-one personal education in a setting that is comfortable and convenient for young parenting and pregnant mothers up to the age of 19.

Case Managers/Counselors
Our Case Managers are certified in childbirth education, breastfeeding education, and extensively trained in the Nurturing Parenting curriculum. They are involved with the teens and work individually with them to develop a personal case plan that will enable the teen to successfully progress through the program.

Each teen is assigned to a Case Manager who relates to the teen’s cultural background. The languages we are able to serve include: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, French & Sign Language

HMHB Teen Parent Program now provides in additional to parenting education, mental health counselling for our teen mothers who has been assessed to have a history of trauma, using the Trauma focus cognitive behavioral therapy model.

How long can a teen stay in the program?

Once the teen has gone to their doctor and learns of their pregnancy, they or their parent(s) can call our offices. The teen is then assigned a Case Manager to set up an initial visit to begin receiving services.

The teen can be referred by a private doctor or clinic.

The teen receives a pregnancy screen from the Healthy Start Coalition and a referral is made.

The teen can be referred by law enforcement, DCF, CPIS, schools and the courts.

If the teen is 19 years of age or younger, pregnant or has already given birth, she can be a part of the program up to the baby’s 2nd birthday. If after the baby’s 2nd birthday the client or the Case Manager feels the teen is still in need of guidance in parenting, she can be referred to another HMHB program.

Our Clients
We do not turn away any teen, up to the age of 19 in Broward County that may be in need of our services regardless of their economic status, culture, religion or background. The teen must be the primary caregiver of her baby and living with her baby in order to receive our services.

If a teen is enrolled in one of the Broward County Pregnancy Schools and is receiving childbirth and parenting services in their school, HMHB Teen Parent Program cannot accept these referrals unless we are specifically requested by the teen. The pregnancy schools in Broward are: Hallandale Adult, Seagull & Charles Drew

Teens that may have special circumstances, such as substance abuse or alcohol addiction, or severe mental health conditions, that are pregnant or have already had their baby will be referred to an agency that would be more beneficial for them requiring a more therapeutic program.

Program Services
Each pregnant/parenting teen is seen in their home or other designated area a minimum of twice a month for two hours each session. If more time is needed, the Case Managers are able to accommodate the need.

The visits include:
Childbirth Education
Breastfeeding Education
Nurturing Parenting Education
Vocational Guidance
Employment Training Education
Immigration Assistance