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Linda Cichon, Interim Executive Director
Ext 302 LCichon@hmhbbroward.org

Trecia Matthews Hosein, Director of Program Services
Ex 328 THosein@hmhbbroward.org

Ofelia Kushner, Controller/HR Coordinator
Ext 347 OKushner@hmhbbroward.org

Anarid Adriano, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator
Ext 334 Aadriano@hmhbbroward.org

Celanie Chenet, DCAGS, MA, Program Compliance Manager
Ext 317 CChenet@hmhbbroward.org

Elsie Santiago, Executive Assistant
Ext 301 Lsantiago@hmhbbroward.org



Closing the Gap

Marcos Restrepo, Closing the Gap (CTG) Program Manager

Ext 332 MRestrepo@hmhbbroward.org

Vicky Colas, Nutrition Consultant
Ext 339 VColas@hmhbbroward.org

T. Yvette Cooke, CCHW HIV Educator
Ext 318 TCooke@hmhbbroward.org

Cheryl Monique Hicks, Fitness Coordinator
Ext 318 CMonique@hmhbbroward.org

Hellen Sallons, Program Assistant
Ext 318 Hsallons@hmhbbroward.org


Emergency Basic Needs Assistance

Natasha McFarquhar, Senior Coordinating Manager
Ext. 303 NMcFarquhar@hmhbbroward.org


Fatherhood Mentorship Program

H. Giovanni Pizarro, Case Manager
Ext.311 Hpizarro@hmhbbroward.org

Wesley Valcourt, Case Manager
Ext. 338 WValcourt@hmhbbroward.org


Fetal Infant Mortality Review ( FIMR) / Forget Me Not

Sandra Despagne, Program Manager
Ext 344 SDespagne@hmhbbroward.org


Healthy Families

Hernan Bedoya, Healthy Families Program Manager
Ext 308 Hbedoya@hmhbbroward.org

Sherley Bennett, Family Support Worker
Ext319 SBennett@hmhbbroward.org

Demetria Eluett, Family Support Worker
Ext 341 DEluett@hmhbbroward.org

Merly Jaramillo, Family Support Worker
Ext 345 MJaramillo@hmhbbroward.org

Jodi-Ann McHayle, Family Support Worker
Ext 304 JMcHayle@hmhbbroward.org

Melissa Rios, Family Support Worker
Ext 342 MRios@hmhbbroward.org

Jodie-Ann Wright-Wong, Program Assistant
Ext 340 JWright-Wong@hmhbbroward.org


Mahogany Project

Founa Augustin Badet, Senior Coordinating Manager
Ext 325 FAugustin@hmhbbroward.org

Latoria Sweet, Medical Case Manager
Ext 320 LSweet@hmhbbroward.org


Mothers Overcoming Maternal Stress (MOMS) Program

Sari Cohen, Mothers Overcoming Maternal Stress Program Manager
Ext 331 SCohen@hmhbbroward.org

Schauntelle Richards, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 324 srichards@hmhbbroward.org

Johana Cubas, MSW Counselor
Ext 305 JCubas@hmhbbroward.org

Vanessa Charles, MS, Counselor
Ext 335 Vcharles@hmhbbroward.org

Tamara Pierre, Counselor
Ext 327 TPierre@hmhbbroward.org

Cheryl Rivera, Counselor
Ext 327 CRivera@hmhbbroward.org

Yanique Silvera, Counselor
Ext 327 YSilvera@hmhbbroward.org

Safe Sleep

Karina Amado, Cribs 4 Kids Program Coordinator
Ext 326 KAmado@hmhbbroward.org


Teen Parent Program

Aline-Vanya Guillaume, LCSW , Teen Parent Program Manager
Ext. 313 Avguillaume@hmhbbroward.org

Caprice Randall, Program Assistant
Ext 329 CRandall@hmhbbroward.org

Tamara Ayala, Counselor
Ext 343

Laure Bien-Aime, MSW CSC Case Manager
Ext. 330 lbien.aime@hmhbbroward.org

Angel Nicole Polk-Little, CSC Case Manager
Ext 322 Apolk-little@hmhbbroward.org