Prenatal Infant Health Programs

Healthy Families

Healthy Families, funded by the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, provides services to pregnant or parenting families at high risk for child neglect and/or abuse. Family support workers assist families to improve all parent-child interactions. Helping families gain self-sufficiency and access to necessary health care and support services are critical aspects of the program. Children served by the program are screened every two months for developmental progress/difficulties while support plans for the parenting mothers are reviewed every three months.

Teen Collaboration Project

The Teen Collaborative offers in-home case management services to at-risk teenaged girls during their pregnancy and up to their child’s second birthday. Program and case managers assist teens to become good mothers and effective members of their communities by encouraging them to finish school, making themselves employable and empowering them with education on life management and parenting skills. The Teen Collaborative partners with the Children’s Services Council and the United Way of Broward County.

Maternal Depression Program (MOMS)

The Maternal/Child Nurturing Program services pregnant women and mothers with children ages 0-1 who are experiencing maternal depression. The program, provided in conjunction with the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, aims to prevent child abuse and neglect by improving and replacing poor parenting behaviors with nurturing ones. In-home one-on-one instruction is provided pre-and post-natal. Psychosocial counseling is provided on an individual basis.