Support Our Babies

Take a baby step … or, if you are able, a giant step toward helping every baby get the start in life every child deserves. Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Broward needs your support, because without it,

  • Hundreds of babies this year will not get the start in life they need
  • Moms will not get access to the necessary prenatal care to ensure healthy fetal development or the training they need to be a good mother
  • Newborns will not get the comprehensive screening they need for treatable disorders.
  • Another child may be lost to abuse because a family did not receive parenting and relationship skill training that would help break negative behavior cycles.


Your contribution can do so much!

$25 Provides oral health supplies to one mother to reduce the risks of premature birth.
$50 Buys books for five mothers to read to their babies.
$100 Allows for two hours of educational counseling for maternal depression.
$150 Provides bereavement counseling to a family suffering loss.
$250 Helps three pregnant women pay for medication they cannot afford.
$500 Buys diapers, blankets and nursery supplies for ten babies.
$1000 Feeds ten babies and mothers for a week.
$1500 Gives fifteen new families parenting training.
$2000 Provides transportation to well-baby care for 200 babies.
$2500 Purchases 30 Pack ‘N Play cribs for babies to have a safe place to sleep.
$5000 Assists 50 pregnant women/teens with early prenatal care.

Honorariums and Memorial Giving

What better way to memorialize a lost loved one
or to celebrate and honor the birth of a new one …

When a child is born or a loved one, large or small, dies, remember that flowers wilt and balloons deflate, but your honorarium through Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Broward will make a real difference in their name.

All contributions you make will go directly towards the crucial efforts of the organization to reduce infant mortality and promote healthy births for every baby born in Broward County.

Every time you make a donation in the name of a loved one or friend, we will send a personalized notification to any person, family or organization of your choice to let them know that a donation has been made on their behalf. Of course, your gift amount will not be disclosed. And don’t forget, all donations to Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Broward are tax deductible.

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Join the HMHB of Broward Corporate Donor Society

In an effort to rally together as a community and help those most in need, HMHB of Broward would like to invite you to be an annual sponsor for our organization.  Various levels of donations will receive recognition at public events which include:  the Mother’s Day event, all friend/fund raisers, our community projects, such as the Sistrunk Festival and Martin Luther King Day Parade, and on our website and Facebook page.  You will also receive seating at our main event and admission to other events.  We can also attach your company’s name to a program that reaches thousands in the community, as well as provide a direct link for communication and publicity.


Corporate donations are vital to our organization, programs and services.  We have a large presence in the Broward Community with over 35 case workers and representatives of HMHB Broward working to help mothers, fathers, babies and families.    This is a great opportunity for your company to be an integral part in making Broward a better place to live and showing the community you care. 

Corporate Donor Society

For further information please feel free to contact me at or at (954)765-0550 Ext. 316