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DOSE is an innovative attempt at eliminating sleep related infant death due to suffocation, strangulation or positional asphyxia by using First Responders to identify and remove hazards while delivering education on scene. First Responders are trained to identify and remove hazards from an infant’s sleep space while on scene during emergency and non-emergency 911 calls.

DOSE Can Make A Difference in Your Community

First Responders are trained to identify infant safe sleep hazards while responding to emergency and non-emergency calls. Operations personnel are quick to educate families in an attempt to lower infant deaths due to unsafe sleep environments. If personnel find a expectant mother¬†or infant less than one year of age, they will initiate an “environmental check” and distribute a Baby Safe Sleep Kit. If any hazards are found in the home or in the baby’s sleep space, they are identified, removed and the family is educated as to why they must be kept away from the baby. The verbal education is the key to behavior change in the field. First Responders are on scene to help, giving their message more of an opportunity to make a lasting impression.