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provides Graco Pack-N-Play cribs and education to families in need of a safe sleeping environment for their baby.

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Cribs for Kids
HMHB of Broward’s Cribs for Kids (CFK) program was the first CFK chapter in the state of Florida. Hundreds of Graco Pack N’ Play cribs are given out each year for infants whose families are unable to afford them. Too many infant deaths are caused by unsafe sleeping environments, and if the provision of these cribs prevents even one infant death, the program is successful. Mothers and other caregivers are provided with education on SIDS, SUID, Back to Sleep, and other vital sleep related information.
The CRIBS program is sponsored by the Children’s Service Council of Broward.
For more information and to apply, please contact Cribs for Kids program manager at (954) 765-0550 

Client Stories: Cribs for Kids
Earlier this year a father called the Cribs for Kids Program Coordinator, needing assistance with getting a crib for his daughter. During the presentation on safe sleep environments and crib safety, he asked many questions to make sure he understood the information. After the educational session, he left happy and confident about keeping his daughter safe. During a follow-up phone call, he mentioned that he always puts his daughter to sleep on her back in her crib, and how easy and convenient the pack and play is.

 A crib was provided to a new expecting mother of twins. The mother recently moved to the United States from Haiti. She did not have any knowledge of infant safe sleep practices.  During the presentation the mom stated that traditionally she puts her children to sleep on their stomach in her culture. She was not aware of SIDS/SUID and the reduction strategies. She stated that she would be sharing this educational information with her friends and family because putting babies to sleep on their back is not often practiced in the Haitian community.  In addition, Healthy Families Florida contacted HMHB of Broward staff to be a part of a safe sleep video for the Haitian population. The video featured information on safe sleep education, risks of SIDS, establishing sleep routine, coping with crying, and parent-child interaction activities.

A crib was delivered to a young father.  He recently moved from New York and gained custody of his 2 month old daughter.  He was a first time father and did not know anything about babies, crib safety, or infant safe sleep practices.  When he first moved to Florida he did not have anything for the baby, he would sleep with her in his bed or put her to sleep in her car seat. During the crib delivery, the Cribs for Kids Coordinator educated the father on crib safety and infant safe sleep practices. A home visit was conducted for a 30 day follow up and the crib was in the father’s bedroom, clutter free and the baby was asleep on her back

A crib safety and safe sleep education presentation was given to self-referred clients.  A young Jamaican mother came with her newborn and 4 year old daughter.  After the presentation she informed the Program Coordinator that she has been sleeping in the bed with her newborn and her 4 year old.  She also mentioned that her mother always puts her baby to sleep on his stomach, it’s “tradition.”  She then stated that telling her mother about the education was the first thing on her to do list.  When the Program Coordinator called her for the 30 day follow up, the mother mentioned that she educated her mother about crib safety and safe sleep practices.  They both now follow safe sleep guidelines with her newborn for each bedtime.