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QUALIFICATIONS: Master Degree in Health or Social Work, or Bachelor Degree with 5 or more years experience in maternal/child health and supervisory experience. Skills in program management and/or development, and time management are necessary. Excellent written and verbal communication required. Computer skills needed. Must be able to teach and lead others. Must be able to compile and compose written monthly, quarterly and annual reports in a timely manner. Must have reliable transportation.

HOURS: 40 hours per week. Some weekend and evening duties are required. Work hours are defined by program needs.

The primary duties of the Program Manager will be oversight, training, management, and tracking of the program activities, and evaluation of the staff of the Mahogany Project. The Mahogany Project offers in-home case management services to at-risk pregnant women from 24 weeks gestation up to their child’s first birthday. The Program Manager reports directly to the Director of Program Services.
• Program oversight to ensure the Mahogany Project’s staff is functioning at optimal level.
• Program budget oversight.
• Complete training in the online County CSMS (Client Services Management System), and assure that participant and program information is reviewed before data entry into CSMS.
• Complete and submit reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
• Ensure that all paper work filing, reviews, documentation, supplies, materials are current.
• Maintain quality assurance policies and procedures to assure that the documentation meets the requirements of services that are contractually mandated.
• Conduct quality assurance activities such as conducting annual surveys, as well as periodic phone surveys, and letters to the clients to assist in re-engaging clients into the program. When necessary, conduct field visits with the field staff to assist in troubleshooting issues for particular clients.
• Act as the Liaison between funding agency and other community organizations as well as participate in outside committee’s building relationships to enhance the Mahogany Project.
• Hire and evaluate staff in conjunction with Human Resources.
• Monitor and identify training needs for the staff.
• Attend internal manager’s meetings and staff meetings, as well as external meetings that will assist in bringing exposure to the program.
• Conduct outreach to individuals in the target population including schools, civic groups, and organizations that serves teens.
• Facilitate group sessions to program participants on prenatal/ postpartum or parenting, self-esteem building or other issues, as required.
• Identify new resources within the community that can assist in staff and program development, and services to our clientele.
• Any other duties as needed by the Director of Program Services or Executive Director.

Mission of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County is to reduce infant deaths by strengthening families through a comprehensive approach to prenatal care, parenting, education and support services.




Medical Case Manager
This is an Exempt Position

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Social Work or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) with 2 years of Maternal-Child Health. Creole speaking preferred. Communication skills, both written and oral; basic computer; knowledge of community resources and cultural competency; self-motivated with excellent time management skills.

HOURS: Full time 40 hours per week. Some weekends and evening duties will be necessary. Work hours are to be defined by program needs, supervisor and employee.
• Conduct intake and initial assessment, identifying high-risk areas of concern
• Develop individualized service plan
• Maintain minimum of bi-weekly home visitation case management for ongoing case load of up to 20 pregnant women and their babies until the first birthday
• Conduct client education utilizing Nurturing Parenting Curriculum: Prenatal care, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, childbirth education, signs and symptoms of pregnancy complications, breastfeeding, pediatric follow up, vaccinations, growth and development, sleep and crib safety, car and water safety, etc.
• Assist with group facilitation as needed
• Provide parent/child development testing. Counsel and refer as defined by program requirements
• Provide referral to resources, obtaining of goods and services through agency or community resources; documentation of referral follow up.
• Ongoing case evaluation
• Work collaboratively with clients’ health care providers as necessary
• Assist with reports and case reviews
• Case conferencing with Program Manager weekly
• Work cooperatively and professionally with management, agency staff and Volunteers